JO Social Branding - The Cover Photo Faux Pas YOU Are Making

The Cover Photo Faux Pas You Are Making

Are you properly using your social media cover photos to the best of your ability?  Chances are, you are not.  It is very easy to go and upload a scenic image to create a calming and photographic atmosphere for your profile.  However unless you are a photographer, most likely you are under-utilizing this space.

When we read, our eyes go left to right and top to bottom.  Therefore when we go to a business or blog Facebook Page, Facebook group, Twitter account, Google+ page or profile etc., our eyes go to this space first.  Then we scroll looking for more information.

As a page or profile owner, you should use this space to build your brand identity and subtly interact with your audience.

Your cover photo should:

  • Include a visual component of your brand identity, whether it is your logo, name, trademark or image.
  • Have a call-to-action.  You could simply have an arrow pointing down to the real Facebook call-to-button or providing a clue to sign up below.  Make sure to include your contact information, website link, etc.  It is important to ask yourself, “What is the next step for those who visit my page?”  Then plan your call-to-action from there.
  • “Behind” the image, otherwise known as the image description, you should have your call-to-action, a sign-up link, phone number, etc.  Whatever is the action that you are directing them to do in your cover photo.

Tip: Don’t over do it with your cover photo either.  Your cover photo should visually appeal to your audience and welcoming to those who land on your page.  If you cannot include everything above, then don’t.  Use whatever makes the most sense.

You can use your cover photo to:

  • Direct people to your website or blog.
  • Entice users to sign up for your newsletter or blog.
  • Promote an upcoming event you are hosting.
  • Highlight a special offer.

HINT: It is best to swap out your cover photo every month, to keep the content fresh and exciting.

Here is a case study of Cider Hill Farm.  I recently met with them about promoting their “You Pick” season.  By simply creating a custom cover photo that was visually appealing AND had a call-to-action, they were able to engage and interact with their audience and attract attention to the space.

You will see with the graphic: it is vibrant, properly brands the Farm, and highlights their event with 2 calls-to-action.  The photo informs their audience of when the season will begin, and entices them to sign-up for their newsletter.

JO Social Branding Cider Hill Case Study - Facebook Cover Photo_2

You can see with the cover photo stats, that this image was well accepted.

Cider Hill Case Study - Facebook Cover Photo


To best make use of your cover photo on any of your social media accounts, check out Canva.  It is a digital image creation tool.  Canva is known for creating images with the correct dimensions, to fit the space you are creating the graphic for.  The website is easy to use and the graphics are easy to download.

Have I inspired you?  How do you plan to use your cover photo space with this fun digital marketing tip?  Let me know!