There’s An App for You(r Business)

The Merriam Webster definition for Social Media is “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.” (Merriam Webster)

In my Intro to Social Media class I discuss how this definition applies to the evolution of social media.

mobile apps

If this definition is true then (the first layer) email marketing and (second layer) blogging are early forms of social media.

Eventually multi-purpose social media platforms (third layer) like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ came into the picture. These social media giants opened the flood gates to smaller single-use social media apps (the 4th level).

I want to focus on the last two layers and the hybrid layer that has recently formed in between for businesses. As a business you will find yourself mashed in a mobile app sandwich.

mobile apps 2

Multi-purpose platforms are everything to everyone. You can login to your Facebook to send messages, connect with friends, play games, upload photos, view videos etc. Single-use platforms like Pinterest and Vine have one purpose and appeal to a niche market. **Instagram is an anomaly here because it is a Facebook product and has two purposes – photos & video.

The next phase in the evolution of social media is Business Apps. An app created for your business that does many things (multi-purpose) for a smaller audience (niche market). Therefore these business-based apps – a hybrid of sorts – creates a new level between the multi-purpose platforms and single-use apps.

Take hold of your social media marketing plan and let’s discuss ways to make business apps work for you!