Throwback Thursday – Lessons From My First Instagram

TBT Instagram

Did you like last week’s post, “Throwback Thursday – Lessons Learned from My First Blog Post”? Well I am “throwing” you back in time with another one. This time we are going to analyze my Instagram account.

Yes, I was late to the Instagram bandwagon from a social media expert perspective. I don’t know why it took me so long, it is fabulous! My first post was March 8, 2013 and I quickly fell in love with this social media platform.

Business Strategy
I use Instagram to show a snapshot of my life. If people look at my account they probably think I have a horrible business strategy. I like to use Instagram as a more private tool and fun way to get to know me, ‘The JO behind JO Social Branding‘. What do you think about my account, would you like to see more work, personal, Jordyn, Daisy or other kinds of posts? I want to hear what you have to say!

Okay, now on to the analysis. (If you cannot view the images below, view this post in browser mode.)

No Caption.

First off, where is the caption and hashtags? This is the number 1 newbie fail. Other than your followers, no one will know what you are “talking” about if you don’t attract them to the post with hashtags (#).

If I were to share this now, I would have said something like “This is my kind of Bible. #SocialMedia #SocialMediaExpert #SocialMediaTips #Reading #GirlsWhoRead

See what I am doing? I am drawing attention with key words or hashtags, so people searching on those terms will find my photo.

I would have also used a different filter and not used the tilt shift tool to highlight the title. This tool limits highlighting an image to a circular or line area. Since the image is off-center, the text is not properly highlighted. At the time of this photo the rotate tool did not exist, this could have helped with this dilemma. I would have also zoomed out so the entire book is seen.

Let’s look at another Instagram photo. Here we are going to look at my most popular image according to Iconosquare.

This one is of Daisy, my parents’ dog. She always gets the most likes than normal everyday photos because dog lovers are everywhere on Instagram.

The #puppy and I. So much love for this #furbaby #shepherd #husky #puppylove #girlsbestfriend

See how I spread out hashtags in the message? I used as many keywords as possible without the message becoming lost, then I tacked others at the end. Whenever I post about Daisy I always use #Shepherd #Husky, her breeds, to attract other dog-friendly posters to the image. I wouldn’t adjust any filter settings for this image.

Since Instagram is a hashtag-friendly platform, there is no such thing as overindulging with hashtags. It is when you share them to other accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that it becomes annoying to users.

Okay, one more example, this post had comments.

Was told today I have #rockstar #hair. Too bad I don’t have rockstar skills too. #blonde #morefun #selfie

With this post I showed a little humor and also used popular hashtags like #blonde and #selfie to attract a larger audience to my post. I didn’t need to use many hashtags because the point was made with just a few.

Key Point
Posting to Instagram isn’t just about the photo and finding the proper filters and tools. The key is in your messaging and use of hashtags.

One Other Tip
To attract followers in your social circle to your Instagram account, share Instagram photos on your other platforms. You can share the same photo with different captions on different accounts. This is a great way to draw traffic to your account. What do you think about this Throwback Thursday post? Would you like to see others? Let me know! I would love to hear from you!