Throwback Thursday – Lessons Learned From My First Blog Post

Tbt blog post - Lessons Learned From My First Blog Post - JO Social Branding

Recently I attended a blogger Twitter party where suggestions were thrown around about additional ways to further develop our blogs. One party-goer asked about re-purposing old blog content. I had a fun idea and suggested about incorporating Throwback Thursday (#TBT) into our blog posts.

You know that universal question, “What would you tell yourself when you were X?” Well let’s play that game with this blog. This is the advice I would give to myself 2.5 years ago when I started blogging, with the knowledge that I have now.

My blogging journey has brought me from a PR standpoint to a social media one. The post we are going to revisit is no longer relevant to my business model. However, there is much to learn from this post. Hence the reason I never took it down. It reflects how far I have come from a business, writing and blogging standpoint.

As for that blogging standpoint, can I just say ‘Yikes!’ I am actually twitching as I review this post. View the live post.

I wanted the title to play on the words of Justin Timberlake’s song, “I’m Bringing Sexy Back”. It doesn’t really come across in the headline. To make a clear point, I would include a visual at the top of the post. I would also create a square “featured image” to share for promotion opportunities. Here is an idea of what the image would look like:

#tbt post title example - JO Social Branding

There are definitely areas I would either bold or italicize the text, or use ‘b-quotes’ to further enhance key points and make them stand out. For instance, because each paragraph focuses on a year, I would bold the year to make it pop, as well as separate the large amount of text boxes.

tbt first paragraph example - JO Social Branding

Alignment & Photo Spacing:
Here the photo should have some spacing between the image and text. Then I would have added a few line breaks before the 2007 paragraph, to center the paragraph with the image.

#tbt image example 2 - JO Social Branding

I would also divide the text into two sections, since it is really about my corporate profession and my emerging freelance career.

tbt image example - JO Social Branding

More Appealing Visuals:
I would suggest to find areas where I can convert text to an image, and make the current visuals more prominent in the post. This also helps eliminates large amounts of text that might lose the readers’ interest.

#tbt best advice example - JO Social Branding

#tbt image example 3 - JO Social Branding

A big – no, no in the blogging world. I admit I didn’t properly cite these images. The first image is from my personal photo library however, the notebook is a ClipArt image. I would include this at the end of the post. Since I am not using this post to sell products or services, I can get away with using ClipArt images. However, if you create content that you intend to sell, you must obtain the rights to the images used. I suggest iClipArt, it has a reasonable cost and a large image library.

Okay brace yourself. This next graphic isn’t meant to scare you.

#tbt blog example JO Social Branding

It proves that with blogging and time comes knowledge and experience. There is a HUGE difference between this first post and the posts I produce now. This shows we learn as we grow (and blog). We evolve and become better bloggers and offer more value to our audiences overtime. You will get to a happy blogging place if you dedicate yourself to your blog and create content consistently.

Happy Blogging!