Throwback Thursday – Tackling Twitter

TBT Twitter - JO Social Branding

If you have been following along the past couple of weeks, you have seen this game I am playing where I am teaching my old self, social media practices my new self would share. It started with my first blog post, then crept over to my first Instagram, and this week we are tackling Twitter.

If you are like me and have thousands of Tweets, Twitter makes it easy to return to your first Tweet by going to this page.

Are you ready? This is another cringe worthy one. On March 6, 2009, around the time I was laid off in a company-wide purge, I created a Twitter account. That is when I decided to launch my freelance career, which I clearly state here:

throwback Thursday twitter

5 Things we can learn from this Tweet:

1. Don’t talk about yourself in third person. This is very creepy and takes up valuable space in the 140 character limitations set for Tweeters.

2. Inject personality. This post is too boring, it is a statement not a question or something inspiring that others would want to share. I would say, “Who cares old Jeannine!

3. Use your character limitations wisely. Tweets are 140 characters so they can easily be included in SMS messaging platforms. I would have used the extra space to ask a question to attract some engagement.

4. Be hashtag-friendly! Where are the hashtags?! Honestly, they probably weren’t even on my radar when I started tweeting. Hashtags attract audience to your conversations. Some hashtags I could have used are: #Freelance #PR #Business #QandA #BusinessAdvice.

5. Think about perception. I would change the verbiage. I don’t want it to sound like I am that new. I want to show that I have knowledge and experience under my belt. Who wants to put their business’s PR and Social Media efforts into the hands of a newbie? Therefore, I would take out the word “starting” and use “launching” instead. It sounds much more professional and seasoned.

If I had a second chance at my first Tweet, this is what it would look like:

Tthrowback ThursdayTwitter Second chance  - JO Social Branding

I challenge you to return to your old Tweets and see what you would tell your old self. To learn more about Twitter and hashtags view these posts: