To #BFAT® or Not To #BFAT


Before you get your panties in a twist over the use of the word “Fat” in this blog title, you need to understand what it stands for. #BFAT® or “Be Fucking Awesome Today” was a mantra born out of the mind of my amazing mentor and friend, Stephanie Dell. I am lucky enough to be included early on in this #BFAT journey. Read the story of the birth of #BFAT on her blog Dog and a Beer. I am honored to be one of the friends mentioned in the post.

Stephanie and I help each other in our creative process with the multiple projects that we each have going on. We both work out of our home offices and email each other often to hold one another accountable for the work we are doing. In an office environment, sometimes you need a coworker to bounce ideas off of, to vent to, or simply to cheer you on when you feel like you are hitting a wall. That is what we are to one another. Coworkers in satellite offices, working on different projects with a similar end goal with #BFAT in mind.

As Stephanie’s writing journey and my consulting career have blossomed, we have been there for one another, watching the other grow and cheering one another on. One day, she signed off with #BFAT in her email to me. It took off from there. Rather than signing off with “later”, “take care” or “talk soon”, we started signing off with “#BFAT”.

A reminder, that whatever you have planned for the day, to be fucking awesome at it.


At the same time Stephanie was trying to find a term to define the audience she wanted to appeal to. We had discussed #Lasties as being a term, and felt it could be kicked up a notch. However we couldn’t think of anything to replace the hashtag that was appealing enough, and really stood for what she was trying to portray. This was a conversation topic we revisited often. Both our creative minds coming up short, and for good reason. BFAT wasn’t ready to be born yet. As #BFAT organically grew, we realized it held the purpose of the message she was trying to portray – on a larger scale. It is a term that anyone can blend into any aspect of their lives. Whether you are trying to launch a business, reach a goal, lose a few pounds, etc. Whatever it is, this mantra helps get you there.

I am a firm believer in Positive out brings Positive In.

If you can train your mind to #BFAT you will start attracting positive experiences in your life.

Big plans are in the works for this mantra and I urge you to start using it in your everyday life. If the second word makes you cringe, feel free to replace the “F” with PG versions as Stephanie mentioned.

Whatever you do, just #BFAT at it.