Twitter Lists – Organizing your Twitterstream

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteOne of the main things I hear most about Twitter is that people feel intimidated by its fast-moving nature. Twitter is known as a breaking news platform and with a 140 character limit it isn’t difficult to share a thought and ‘tweet’ it quickly. Twitter is the newsroom of social media however, a more appropriate analogy is that it’s a river of information. With a river you may go in, get your feet wet, come out and dry off, to only return to the stream later. Twitter is the same way. You don’t have to stay in the stream the entire time, just as long as you feel comfortable.

However, it is easy to get caught in the current (of information) and feel overwhelmed. But did you know there are ways to clean up your Twitterstream to make it more beneficial to you? The number one thing that most Twitter users don’t know is that you can create lists to customize your streams.

Lists can divide your followers by groups, organizations, occupations, interests, etc. The point of this is to create individual “news feeds” to filter and organize your Following. You can have up to 20 different lists with 500 followers on each list. You can even subscribe into others lists to expand your audience and further curate your followers.

So how do you create a list?

1.) In Twitter, click on the “Me” tab and then click the “List” link.
Twitter pic
2.) Click “Create List”.
Twitter pic 2
3.) Give your list a name and write a short description. It is here you can make your list Public or Private. Private means no one can see your list except for you. Public allows people to see and subscribe into your list.

4.) Click “Save List”.
Twitter pic 3
5.) Click on the “Following” link and start adding friends to your lists. Twitter pic 4
6.) Select the person icon next to the name and select “Add or remove from lists”. Do this for all your followers, or just the ones you want to add to that list.

Twitter pic 6

Okay, you have created your list, now what? Well, to view a specific list stream, click on the “Me” tab and the list you have created. Voila! You just created your own customized Twitterstream!

Here are some list tips:

1.) You can add Followers to more than one list.

2.) Be careful of your list name – Followers can see which lists they are on.

3.) Create a habit of adding your followers to your lists immediately after following them. This makes the list management much easier.

To learn more about Twitter you can view my Twitter Part 1 and Twitter Part 2 presentations here. If you are interested in taking a future social media class with me, check out my calendar. Or if you need one-on-one training contact me!