Understanding Your Value

For a very long time I have struggled with the imitators, the copycats, and the coat-tail riders. It would aggravate me that individuals could not be themselves but rather copy others and imitate their way of life.
This may have something to do with the fact I am an only child and never had a sibling to copy or be copied from. I have always fearlessly blazed my path and am proud of the decisions that I have made, whether it was an outfit choice, a stab at a new hairstyle or an executive business decision.

I had always heard, “Imitation is flattery” but I could never comprehend it. In my business, I had become suspicious of competitors trying to ride my coattails. I developed a mental mania of not launching something until it was 100% ready to go. That way, my competition would always be chasing me down, and I would be paces ahead of them. In the end all I did was slow myself down. By not launching when I could have, I was holding myself back from learning and growing.

Racing position

Then one day it hit me, with a question by a known imitator. I realized, even if they did copy me, they don’t have my creativity or mindset to see it through. The end product would always be different no matter what. And to sound cocky, mine would be superior because I had the original idea and creativity, coupled with brainpower to see it through. Those imitators who are so used to copying, need a blueprint ready to go in order to move forward. Ironically, I was giving this to them by holding myself back, waiting to launch when it was perfect.

Snowy road sign. So I forgot about them. I left them choking on the dust, in the path that I blazed, as I moved forward. You know what? They followed too. They followed me right down those dead-end streets that I didn’t foresee. Whether they learned from them, like I did, I don’t know.

The valuable lesson here is that my thoughts and ideas are just that – Mine. Competitors can duplicate the processes that I have created however, they cannot duplicate me. That is when I realized the true value I bring to my clients, confidence in myself. That speaks for itself and my clients see that. The cream rises to the top.

business woman with team

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” is a term that resonates with me. We learn, we grow, we evolve, we revolutionize. You need to love yourself and understand your own worth before others can see it.

This mindset shift, has helped me move forward with my business. Imitators are no longer viewed as competitors. We have different paths. Most likely I will be getting to my destination in a more wholesome manner, because I am taking it in and learning as I go.


Image Source: Personal Library and iClipArt