Video: What I Do

QuestionsI often meet individuals who ask, “What is it that you do for your business.” Or “I see that you do something with social media, but I don’t get it.”

I have this conversation at least once a week.

The problem with social media marketing is that people have a personal view of what social media is about. “I go on Facebook and play games with my friends” or “I view pictures and chat with distant relatives.”

Having social media for your business is so much more and different from using it for your personal use.

There is an entire industry behind the curtain, making sure you see ads, that business pages appear in your newsfeed, and businesses engage with you, their audience. BUT it isn’t just Facebook. It is Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and yes, Snapchat. Each platform has its own purpose and different set of rules and tactics for businesses.

To answer the question (hopefully, one last time.)

I teach businesses the ways to use social media for their business and I help them properly market themselves in the social media world.

Still confused?

Here is a recent video I recorded for a couple Mary Kay consultant friends. The topic of social media intrigued these two fabulous women, so they asked me to talk to their team. I recorded 10 ways they can use social media to help properly market their businesses and gain some leads – aka make money.

I am sharing it with you. Maybe now, seeing me in action, will help answer that question of what it is I do here at JO Social Branding.


Source: Jeannine O’Neil YouTube Channel