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What Are The Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016?

The digital marketing industry changes very fast.  It seems like every day we hear of a new app, some algorithm shift or new Facebook advertisement that impacts our digital marketing strategy.  It is natural to feel exhausted trying to keep up with the news.  What if you could look into a magic 8 ball (or coffee cup) and find out the projected trends and plan you marketing ahead of time?  Well, today is your lucky day.

Last year I made predictions on the Top 3 Digital Media Trends for 2015.  I am back with my predictions for the New Year.

What are the top 3 digital marketing trends for 2016?


1.) More Interactive Marketing Experiences

There is A LOT of noise in the digital marketing world.  The organizations that will rise to the top will be the ones that create interactive marketing experiences.  They will not focus on the product but the experience they are providing to the end-user.  With so much online competition vying for consumers’ attention, those who will stand out are the ones that create memorable experiences for their target audience to remember them by.


2.) Content Marketing Will be Larger than Ever

Marketers have discovered that to stand out online, they need to have some sort of content marketing component to their strategy.  Whether it is a blog, email newsletter, promotion, contest, social media post, free download, etc.  Marketers understand the need to give compelling content away that rivals their competitors to stand out in the digital marketing world.


3.) Personalized Marketing

If you haven’t caught on yet, with so many voices out there and everyone on the content marketing bandwagon, it is becoming harder to stand out among the noise.  A way to rise above the rest with your digital marketing is to go the personal route.  Whether you are targeting your advertising to your audience or setting up personal auto responders email campaigns, you need to make it a personal message and experience.  It is less about broadcasting to everyone and more about having one-on-one conversations with your target audience.

Interested in learning about the other 2 projected trends for 2016, or how you can incorporate all 5 into your marketing strategy?  Visit my event calendar for when I will be presenting locally or join me for one of two Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 webinars this December.

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Let’s tackle your digital marketing and start 2016 on a strong note!