What is Canva & Why It Will Change Your Life

In previous blog posts, I have expressed my love (and obsession) for the image creation tool, Canva.

Below is a recap. Each image will direct you to that specific post.

Yes ALL of these “featured images” are JO Social Branding Canva Creations!

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If I haven’t sold you on this platform already, let me show you what you are missing. Not only will I share some of the Canva features that you can use, I will also show you a guided tutorial of just how easy it is.

This is the image we will create:

Canva Test - Meet JO Image

To see all of Canva’s potential, click through the presentation below. Email Subscribers: If you do not see the presentation, click “View in Browser”.

One more note, this program is still in beta testing so if you have issues with downloading a file, return to the site and try again. Often it is a download glitch that happens from time to time.

Happy Blogging!

Image Sources: JO Social Branding Canva Creations
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