What’s in the JO Social Branding Toolbox?

I did that thing, I tell people not to do and I digressed from my editorial calendar or the weekly plan I have for my blog posts. If I had at least stuck to it and updated as I wrote current posts, I would have seen that last week’s post “When is THE RIGHT Time to Post to Social Media?” should have been my 100th celebration post. Instead, I did that thing that “creative” people do and wrote from a place of inspiration, ignoring the tool I created, to keep me on track.

Not a horrible thing, but the explanation why I am celebrating 101 posts, instead of a 100. Of course the movie was called “101 Dalmatians“, so maybe my subconscious is onto something…

Yay! To my 100 +1 Post!

Hand pressing abstract virtual button on touchscreen

For the 101st post I wanted to share the business tools I use to keep my business running. I work out of my home office, but often am on the road. I need a virtual setup that allows me to access my “stuff” anywhere at anytime. Here are the virtual tools I use for JO Social Branding.

Appointy – An appointment system that allows clients to schedule times to meet. No more back and forth phone calls and emails trying to sync schedules. What is great about this free tool is that it allows you to connect to your calendar and set on and off times for individuals to book with you. Essentially you are giving them access to your calendar, but do not worry, they don’t actually see your schedule, just available blocks of time.


Buffer – There are many social media management tools out there, such as HootSuite and TweetDeck. I use Buffer for its simplicity. These tools allow you to schedule your social media posts to various accounts and then track the analytics. Buffer does have its limitations compared to competitors, for instance it doesn’t have the greatest analytics feature. However, sharing articles, posts and resources with your audience has never been easier. Download the “Buffer button” to your browser and simply hit the button anytime you find something you wish to share. It immediately puts it in queue, and will post to your social media accounts according to the schedule that you previously have set.


Coffitivity – Sometimes when you work it is hard to concentrate, even if you work in an office environment. What is great with this website is that it acts as white noise to help you focus and drown out the distractions. An actual recording of a coffee shop or university cafeteria, this tool is amazing, as it helps you maintain focus in your work day, and save money on the java you would consume. Additionally, research proves coffee shops sounds increase creativity among individuals.


Dropbox – Dropbox Is just that, a place you can drop digital documents and files that you wish to use later. It is a cloud-based system so you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing and losing documents. It also easily syncs across devices and is accessible via a website (with a password). What is even better about Dropbox is that it allows you to share documents or files with individuals to make it easier for team work activities and frees up space in your inbox.


Evernote – Are you like me and are constantly writing little reminders to yourself? Well it impossible to take those little notes everywhere. Evernote syncs across all your devices and among many things is a note taking system. I have my To Do list on there and jot down ideas that I have for my clients when I am on the road. It is possible to set up various notebooks and a user-friendly interface makes it easy to read on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This is just one feature but Evernote has an in arsenal of additional tools to make it easier to go virtual.


Hiveage – For a low-cost, invoicing system I use Hiveage. It is a customized invoice program that creates and tracks invoices. It is very simple to set up and allows you to see when invoices are opened and tracks when they are paid/unpaid. It is easy to integrate with your PayPal account to have automatic deposit. It also allows you to send paid invoice receipts from the system.


Mashable – This is my go to resource for social media news. A great curation tool that shows the hot topics and trending news stories that are going on in various industries.


Nitro PDF – I don’t need the Adobe Acrobat program often, but there have been times that I have needed to convert a document to PDF and don’t want to pay the outrageous fee to buy the program. Nitro PDF is a program that allows you to convert files into PDF documents for free. To unlock extra features you do have to pay, however, I have been able to get by without having to buy the program.

nitro pdf
Image Source: www.nitropdf.com/

Pocket – Most of my research occurs on the internet. Sometimes I find articles I want to save for later, share with clients or archive for a future class I am teaching. Rather than print the articles, waste paper and have to deal with filing, or convert to PDF and clutter my Dropbox, I “Pocket” them. Pocket, is a bookmarking system that allows you to search on keywords and terms at a later date. An easy user interface allows you to download a Pocket button to quickly save your resources.


Pulse – Pulse is LinkedIn’s customized news feature. I use this more to find inspiring or business-based articles. However there are “Influencers” or business celebrities that I follow too. LinkedIn does all the work, finding the articles that would interest you, creating a newsfeed that is similar to a personalized newspaper.


Those are 9 tools that I use daily at JO Social Branding. Do you use any of these tools? Or perhaps you use others. I would love to hear the feedback.