Where To Find Your Idea Inspiration

Unless you are the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and have given birth to multiple “brain children”, often you need a little stimulation to help inspire your next product, project, or service.

My number one source of inspiration is reading. Then I tweak, edit and enhance those ideas to make them my own. Why recreate the wheel when you can learn from others?


The important thing to note is to learn from others, not copy or imitate. I hate the saying “Imitation is a form of flattery”. I call it being lazy. Be your own person, do your own thing, put your own stamp on something and make it your own it.

That being said it is okay to use the ideas of others to help inspire you. As long as you make it your own.

Here are 5 sources I go to for inspiration:

  • Entrepreneur & Young Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur Sub-Category)

  • Inc.com
  • LinkedIn Influencers
  • Mashable
  • Pinterest
  • I hope these sources help you in the quest to build your own brand and your journey to being fabulous!

    Stay tuned next week to read about How I Find Inspiration.