Who are your brand cheerleaders?

Hang on PR-defied is taking a turn!  As you know it has been about analyzing news stories from a PR perspective.  However as social media infiltrates our life it’s important to analyze not only from a PR standpoint but from a social media standpoint as well.  As I work on this latest venture and on JO Social Branding, I am going to share my thoughts, ideas and adventures.  So here we go…

I am a great listener and observer.  I notice trends and often find myself repeating observances and stories with others.  So as this happens I am going to take it here and share those observations with you.

medium_5795833065The first lesson I have been sharing with more and more clients is the importance of tapping into your influencer network. Influencers are all around us and there to help.  It is just about empowering them and giving them the tools to make it beneficial to you.  They are your brand cheerleaders willing to jump on rooftops and scream your news.

Since the end of time support systems are what make us go.  I have found there are certain individuals who listen and engage more with me online than others.  Those are my influencers.  I have influenced them enough to connect, share, like, re-post and comment about my social media content. So what is the next step when it comes to influencers?  Use them to your benefit!  If they are engaging with you they believe in you and are vested in your mission.  Embed them in your brand.  Make them your cheerleaders.  Have them help you spread the word!

Here are 3 ways to get your cheerleaders going.

  1. Do you have a special news?  Share it with them first.  Make them your special VIP club where they hear it first through you and encourage them to share the news with their network.
  2. Want some insight from your network?  Ask!  They will be honored you reached out to them for their advice.  Your own personal focus group.
  3. Do you want to spread news about an event?  Give them the content to share with others.  Maybe recruiting a specific amount of guests leads to free admission.

medium_2575986601It is important to not take advantage of this connection and limit requests to big events or when you really need help.  More importantly remember to thank often.  If it is in the budget a thank you gift (even a gift card for coffee) goes a long way and further builds upon that influencer relationship.

How have you used influencers to help your business?

photo credit: LarimdaME via photopin cc
photo credit: paulcoxphotography via photopin cc