Why Email Marketing Should Be On Your Radar

Blue envelopeWith social media posting rules and algorithms changing as fast as the wind, often times it is difficult to keep up with the newest trends. For instance, Facebook just announced its latest change for 2015, warning Business Page Managers their content will not be delivered if it is too promotional according to their standards. Currently, organic reach only reaches 1.6% (10 of every 100) of those following you. Organic reach is defined as the content that you do not pay to promote. This small percentage is expected to drop even further unless you “pay to play”.

One of the best methods to stay in touch and guarantee message delivery with your clientele, is through email marketing.

Think about these questions from a personal standpoint:

  • Do you have an email address?
  • How often do you check your email?
  • Do you give your personal email to everyone who asks? Or are you choosy over who you give your address to?

Now think about these questions from a marketing standpoint.

  • How much of your business is repeat business?
  • How many referrals are through word of mouth marketing?
  • Do you have an email marketing list and system to collect contact information?
  • If so, are you using this method to further build your relationships with your clientele?

Personally, I check my email multiple times/day and I do not give it out to everyone. When it comes to promotions, I am very picky with whom I give my information to.

My inbox is my business sanctuary. I do not want it flooded with spam.

JO Social Branding Trust ImageLets break it down even further. As a consumer, I am very guarded with my email. Therefore, if I provide my contact information to you, I am showing my loyalty and trust to your organization. Be warned, if you become annoying or over-deliver, that relationship can go south very fast. I will unsubscribe, block or report you as spam.

Email marketing is the most trusted method for message delivery and a phenomenal way to build strong relationships with your intended audience.

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One more email marketing tip before I let you go! Email marketing works very nicely with your other marketing channels. It further directs traffic to additional content resources such as your website or blog.

Use your email marketing as a redirect tool to direct your audience where you want them to go.