Why You Need Mobile Design For Your Digital Marketing

Why You Need Mobile Design For Your Digital Marketing

Being a marketer is becoming more and more difficult these days.  Our target audience has multiple ways to consume content, whether it is on a desktop, mobile, tablet or wearable technology.  The issue that many digital marketers come up against is creating a similar experience for the consumer on every device.  Mobile Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design are two buzzwords that you should know.  If you haven’t adapted your digital marketing communications you need to listen up.  First let’s discuss the difference between the two terms.


What is Mobile Responsive Design?

This design styles provides a different experience when viewing content on various devices.  Here is a view of my website on a desktop and mobile device.  When viewed on mobile, a menu appears (3 horizontal bars) making it easier to navigate the site and consume the content.

JO Social Branding Mobile Responsive Example

What is Mobile-Friendly Design?

This design style adjusts the content to the size of the screen but looks very similar to the website view.

JO Social Branding Mobile-Friendly Example

 Why You Need Mobile Design For Your Digital Marketing

Did you know that if your target audience is searching for your website on Google with their mobile device, and you do not have mobile-friendly website, your website will not come up in that search?  Source: support.google.com

Conversion to mobile responsive or mobile-friendly design depends on your website.  If you have a custom-built website then you need to contact a web designer to help you out.  However, if you built your website or blog in WordPress a simple theme update might be all that you need.  Your latest theme update may even include a mobile-responsive template change.  Not sure if your site is mobile-responsive?  Test Your Site Here

When it comes to email marketing it is even easier to convert.  Especially if you are a Constant Contact Customer.  They will design a custom mobile-friendly template that matches your website at a reasonable cost.  Taking it one step further they are in the process of converting over all of their pre-designed email templates to be mobile-friendly as well.

Recently, I updated to a mobile-friendly template for my digital marketing newsletter “Social Eyes”.  Below, you will see the difference speaks for itself with the before (left) and after (right) images.  A few hours after I made the transition a mobile-inclined subscriber sent me an email, thanking me for the change because it was “easier on the eyes”.

JO Social Branding Mobile-Friendly Example

The switch isn’t difficult, just a few more steps or taking minimal money out of your marketing budget to have someone do it for you.  However, the impact is huge.

If you are creating content and putting it out in the digital universe, you are wasting time, resources and money if you are not using mobile-friendly or mobile responsive templates.

Need some help or have questions?  Are you interested in a mobile responsive website or mobile-friendly template?  Email me with your questions or requests.