Why Your Business Needs A Digital Media Strategy

In my last post, titled Email Marketing Love Notes: Dating In the Business World, I spoke on the importance of building a relationship with your target audience.  This is very important when it comes marketing.

As a business owner, you want your audience to feel they know you, they trust you and when it comes time to buy a product or service – that it is yours.

Research suggests, a business must have 8 touch points with a consumer before making a purchase. (Marketing Profs.com)

A “touch point” can be defined as any way your business comes into contact with your target audience in a digital (online) or traditional (offline) environment.

What are marketing touch points?

Print Marketing – Magazine, Newspaper Ads, etc.
Broadcast – TV and Radio Ads
Direct Mail – brochures, mailers
Online Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Some other suggestions:
Product Placement
Online Advertising

Often, your potential customer needs to engage with your business 8 times with these various components before a sale occurs.

Therefore, it is very important for you to have this touch point journey in mind when you are planning your marketing.  Here is a tip:

When it comes to your marketing, you should always be thinking 3 steps ahead.  Tweet This

Who is your audience?

What is your message?

What is the path that you want to lead your audience down?

You need a solid strategy and marketing plan in place before you start marketing & communicating with your audience via social media.  Remember when I talked how T-Mobile killed it with the Super Bowl XLIX?  That is because they knew exactly what they expected from that advertisement.  Even more – they made it very clear how they wanted the audience to react.

Social media makes it very easy to reach out and “touch” your audience.  Just make sure you are doing it in the most effective way possible.  A Digital Marketing Strategy is essential for any business when it comes to marketing.  Call to set up an appointment to start building yours today.

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