You Need to Tap That {Ambassador Network}

Social media ambassadors are those individuals that like your content, retweet (share) your posts and favorite your Instagram photos. Ultimately they are your own personal brand cheerleaders. For whatever reason they have taken a vested interest in you and your business. They may like your style, have a personal connection or believe in your purpose. The great thing about these ambassadors is that you can utilize them to help push your business further.

Since these “brand cheerleaders” believe in you and want to see you succeed – why not bring them along for the journey?

One of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie Deltorchio, personally shared this “How to Start a Movement” TED Talk with me. Watch this 3 minute presentation by Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby.


Key points from Derek’s speech:

“Embrace & nurture your first few followers as equals.” Pay personal attention to your ambassadors and engage with them. Make them feel valued, loved and want to spread your message even further.

“First follower is an underestimated form of leadership … New followers emulate the follower, not the leader.” By empowering ambassadors, ultimately you are delegating the promotion responsibilities of your organization. Yes, you still need to create content for them to share, but if you treat them well, they will transform your ‘lone nut’ status into a leadership following.

The thing you need to remember with these brand cheerleaders, ambassadors, influencers – whatever you want to call them – is to engage with them. Make them feel valued and that they have a voice. Comment back, ask them to share news, share your news with them first and empower them. The hard work is already done – they love you. Now reward them by acknowledging their role in your ‘movement’.

Don’t forget to #BFAT