Your 2015 LinkedIn Brand Strategy

Last year I spoke of How to Sound Wicked Smaht on LinkedIn by switching out popular keywords with Thesaurus friendly alternates.  I thought this was an ideal way to set yourself apart from your contemporaries.  Well guess what?  LinkedIn says in 2015 this is not the best technique.  LinkedIn shares through their blog post, “Brand You Year” that actions speak louder than words.

Rather than focusing on a strategy of making your profile keyword-heavy, prove your worth of those adjectives, by reflecting it in your profile. Tweet this

First you need to know the most overused words for 2014.  They are:

LinkedIn 2015 Global Buzz Words

Do any of those words sound like they make appearances in your LinkedIn profile?  I wouldn’t change out those words.  I would just back them up with proof.

In 2014, LinkedIn made major strides of incorporating content creation into their system.  LinkedIn made these changes, to help you prove that you are, who you say you are, with contextual evidence.

How do you update your 2015 LinkedIn profile?

Follow these strategy steps:

1.) Look at the list above of LinkedIn Top 10 Global Buzzwords.

2.) Return to your profile and see if you are using any of these words.  Also check to see if you are repetitive with other words.  Write down the words that you are ‘overusing’.

3.) Take a look at the newest features LinkedIn has to offer.  You can do this by visiting their blog.  They are constantly updating their blog with the latest news on their platform.

4.) Return to your buzzword and overused word list.  Think of other ways you can properly reflect your brand with your LinkedIn profile.

5.) Start swapping out those repetitive words with thesaurus friendly alternates.

6.) Make a list of action items and start implementing those changes immediately.

Cheers to a successful 2015 with more profile views and LinkedIn Connections!

Image Courtesy of LinkedIn Blog