Your 4 Most Popular Social Media Questions LinkedIn #4

Your 4 Most Popular Social Media Questions ANSWERED – Part 4

Here is the last in the series of the most popular social media questions that session attendees and clients ask me.

Question #4 – When I use social media publishing tools, does it affect my Facebook analytics?

I am actually going to reference a video I found from Jan Rezab of Social Media Minute because he did a great job explaining the topic and the research they have done to answer this question.

JO Social Branding Popular Social Media Questions #4


The rumors are wrong: your Facebook reach is not affected by third-party apps, for both paid and organic brand posts.

Posted by Social Media Minute with Jan Rezab

There you have it!  The research shows that it doesn’t matter if you use a third-party scheduling tool or not, it doesn’t affect the insights of your Facebook data.  This video was actually shared by Facebook guru Mari Smith who always has great insider information when it comes to Facebook marketing.

However, it is widely known that Facebook would prefer if you interact directly with their platform. We have seen this with organic video having more views vs uploading a YouTube URL.  Therefore, in my professional opinion, and the method that I follow,

I would tell managers to schedule content directly in Facebook.

As we are aware, Facebook likes to change things up often.  This could be something that they do in the future since precedence shows that is how they like to run.  I would make a habit of just uploading and scheduling content directly in Facebook now and save yourself the trouble later.

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