JO Social Branding 4 Most Popular Social Media Questions Answered #1

Your 4 Most Popular Social Media Questions Answered – Ques. 1

Being a Digital Media Specialist, I get asked a lot of questions.  There are some questions that pop up more often, then there are others that come up ALL the time.  So much so, I have a canned response for each of them.  In this series I am going to answer the most popular questions for you.

The four questions I will answer are:

Question #1 – How often should I post on social media?
Question #2 – When is the best time to post or send content?
Question #3 – How much time should I spend online / How much time do you spend online?
Question #4 – When I use publishing tools, does it affect my analytics?

Due to the length of my responses, I will be answering each question in its own blog post throughout the summer.  Sign up for this blog to have these posts (and others) delivered directly to your inbox.

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Question #1 – How often should I post on social media?

It depends, not every social media platform is the same.  Not every brand is the same.  Even if your competitor is very similar there are still unique differences that make you different.  Think of apples, there are Granny Smith Apples that are green and tart (we will call this your competition).  There are Red Delicious Apples, a deep red color with a sweet taste.  Each of these apples have a different color, different flavor and different purpose.  Your digital brand is no different.  How you interact – and how often – will depend on a few key items.


The first thing you need to think about is your audience and how often they expect to hear from you.  For example:  The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA posts up to 5 times a day on Facebook.  They share news about their hotel and what is going on in and around Salem.  Quite often they share others’ content.  They have positioned their page as a resource for tourists – their target audience.  However, they are informative to locals wanting to know what is going on in the area as well.  Also, The Hawthorne Hotel has 11K Facebook followers.

As for social media, there is a relationship with the amount of followers you have and the frequency of your posting.  Brands with more Facebook followers can get away with posting more often.  However, it is maintaining a steady balance.  If you have under 100 followers you probably couldn’t get away with posting as often as the Hawthorne Hotel.

Tip: To find the answer of how often you should post is to test yourself.  Post twice a day for once a week and check out your Insights.  If your engagement numbers dipped, then scale back posting your content to once a day or even less.

The second thing to remember is that each social media platform is different from the rest.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, even Instagram all have unique qualities and different posting frequencies.  For instance, a Tweet lasts 6 seconds, therefore you can get away with a higher posting frequency than you could with Facebook or LinkedIn.  Knowing the difference of each platform and your purpose on each will define the answer for you.

Tip:  Follow social media super users and see how they use the platforms.  What do they post?  How often are they posting?  What is the difference between their various social media platforms?

The third thing to remember is to think about the content you are sharing.  It should always have a purpose and offer value or entertainment to your audience.  Do not post something, just to keep your feed full.  Always provide value and be engaging with your audience.


Do you have a social media question you would like answered?  Ask it here in the comments and it could be added to this series!

Stay tuned for Question #2 “When is the best time to post or send content?