Your Digital Marketing Strategy is a Puzzle To Be Solved

puzzleWhen I was younger, every Tuesday night in the summer my parents would drop me off at my grandparents’ house and I would stay over until my parents could pick me up after work the following day. My grandparents were very accommodating and would always play games to entertain me. Word puzzles, card games, putting puzzles together and Rummikub were the main ones. Little did I know they were sneaking real-life skill-building into my fun time.

I find today, with JO Social Branding I am using those skills I learned at my grandparents’ house. Social media consulting is very much like putting a puzzle together. With Rummikub, sometimes you need to break a run on the board and reassemble the tiles to make a better play.

Your digital marketing strategy is a puzzle that you need to figure out for your business.
Here is the secret. Every owner’s puzzle is different. In the past I have had individuals want to mimic their competitors. In some instances, this works but for digital marketing you can do more harm than good by taking on this tactic. It is about being real. Who your audience is, where they follow you on social media, how they interact with your brand, the messages you convey and conversations you have are different from your competitors. You should always be aware of the competition, but you need to focus on building the big picture puzzle. For the sake of argument think of the little puzzle pieces as your social media accounts.

social media puzzle

You need to think: “I have 5 pieces (i.e. Blog, Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest), how can I put these pieces together to make them work for my digital marketing plan?” You also have to take into consideration how your audience interacts on social media. You may have a very vocal Twitter audience but quiet Facebook community.

It is about knowing which pieces work for you, putting them together, reorganizing and strategizing to enhance your brand.


As a social media consultant I look at your puzzle. I analyze the pieces you have and take into account if you are missing any. Like my grandparents did with me, I sit with you and help build that puzzle. Let’s get together, and piece together, your digital marketing puzzle!
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