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Agents of Change 2015 – JO Social Branding Conference Recap JO Social Branding

Agents of Change 2015 – JO Social Branding Conference Recap

Last week, I attended a conference where I had a business-altering experience for JO Social Branding.  Some call this the “aha moment”, or the “lightbulb moment”.  I didn’t have one, I had many.  I walked away with a headache because there so many sparks going off in my head.  This happened at the Agents of

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One Year Anniversary Post: The Supporters, Lessons & Achievements

WOW! Can you believe it has been a year for JO Social Branding! This year has FLOWN by and I am thrilled to write this one year anniversary post! I have learned so much about entrepreneurship, running a business and crazily enough a lot about myself as a person. There have been lessons learned and

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Independence Day Post 2 – Value Statements

In my last post I shared “Why I Said No To Harvard – Twice.” What I didn’t share was that it was a really difficult decision to make. I had put more value on the position than necessary. I mean, who really says “No to Harvard?” Also, the aftermath was not pretty. The next day,

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Independence Day Post: Why I Said ‘No’ to Harvard – Twice

In honor of Independence Day I wanted to share this inspirational post about a recent decision I made to continue to blaze my path and control my destiny, despite external forces trying to side track me from getting to my destination. And more importantly I wish you all a Happy and Safe Independence Day! Recently,

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Social Currency or Value Exchange?

What if you could walk into a designer store and buy a product simply by offering to Tweet that you are in the store or taking an Instagram picture of a product and sharing with your friends? Ideal world right? Well this concept just became reality at the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop in New

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What Happens If We Don’t Say No?

This year I have decided to adopt the 3 Word Challenge established by Chris Brogan, author, marketing consultant and social media marketing expert. Every year he challenges himself and his readers to adopt 3 words to live by for the year. This tactic is to help you keep focus on your career, life, goals, etc.

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